Marcha y Vigilia conmemorando la muerte de migrantes peruanos en Hampstead

Toronto · Publicado el: 18 julio, 2012

Sunday July 22, 2012 meet at 11 am at Working Centre Cafe at 43 Queen St. South, Kitchener, ON. From here, cars and buses will leave together for the site. Join us back at The Working Centre at 2 pm for a reception.

Six months have passed since the tragic accident that killed eleven people near Hampstead, Ontario. Amongst the dead were 9 migrant chicken catchers from Peru.

Working with the survivors of the accident, the march and vigil is being organized to raise awareness of the thousands of migrant workers who have been injured, become or sick while working in Canada. The survivors of the crash, Javier and Juan, wish to break the invisibility not only of their situation but to raise the profile of the conditions faced by migrant workers across Canada.


Publicado: 18 de julio, 2012

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