Canadá - Perú
Trabajando Juntos

With great success the PCCC held its second event promoting the Canada-Peru FTA called "CANADA PERU WORKING TOGETHER - Opening Doors to Trade".

The event was held on March 11 and featured a live video conference presentation by the Peruvian Minister of Production Mr. Jose Nicanor Gonzalez Quijano, who talked about the economic and regulatory environment in relation to investing in Peru.

Mr. Gonzales presentation included as well a description of a series of new infrastructure projects covering different sector of the economy that Peru will put up for tenders in the near future.

The event also counted with the participation of Ambassador Benjamin Ruiz, the Peruvian General Consul in Toronto and Ms. Elizabeth Clarke, representing the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT), who discussed the activities for each government in promoting the benefits of the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Peru.

A very informative presentation on how to do business in Peru was delivered by Dr. Jaime Bellido from Bellido Saco Vertiz & Bellido, a reputable Peruvian law firm specialized in International Business. The event closed with a panel discussion moderated by Mr. Louis-Pierre Emond, the Canadian Trade Commissioner based in Peru, who came to Toronto for this event.

Panelists included Ms. Doris Hiam Galvez, Global Director of Hatch Engineering, who is currently handling construction projects in Peru; Ms. Claudia Feldcamp lawyer from the firm Fasken Martineau; Mr. Oscar Sanchez Senior Economist, Latin America from Scotiabank and Ms. Veronica Lares, Economist from the EDC specialized in Peru.

Most of the presenter agreed that the Peruvian economy performed very well in spite of the international financial crisis, becoming the economy with the best economic growth in Latin America and positioning Peru as one of the best places to invest in the region.

The event was attended by over 65 persons with interest in doing business with Peru. It was sponsored by DFAIT, the Peruvian Diplomatic mission, Scotiabank and Barrick Gold.

The next PCCC event promoting mining investments in Peru is scheduled for May 2010.

Source: Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Publicado: 22 de marzo, 2010