Cell Phone
use while driving

NEW RULE: Cell Phone use while driving - BILL 118 NEW RULE: Cell Phone use while driving - BILL 118

The bill has undergone several revisions during its consideration, but the new rule of the road will be as follows:

- Holding or using a wireless communication device (a cell phone) or a portable electronic entertainment device (iPod) while driving is prohibited.

- Commercial GPS units along with similar dashboard-mounted devices that provide gauges and displays relating to logistical or navigation uses are fine.

- Using any device while pulled-over or parked in a way that you are not disrupting traffic, is fine.

- The systems used by Ambulances, Fire Departments, and Law Enforcement are exempt.

The ban is in effect as of today, September 1 2009 and will carry a fine of $500. Demerit points will not be included, but depending upon the violation, police will have the option to also use existing careless driving laws for additional penalties.

Best regards,

Carlos Ampuero

Publicado: 10 de Septiembre, 2009